The Curse of Aging: Part 3 COMING SOON

Hey all, I know I have disappeared from this universe temporarily but in my hiding I was in fact amassing factual as well as firsthand information on the exact kind of stuff I promised to write in my third component of the aging series.

I expect it to be a long one, with three main components.  The first component will look at health improvements with immediate effect and how we should treat our weak links first with proven means.  The second looks at compounds which impact functional metabolism in a way which works against aging, including the new shiny stuff emerging in the clinic all the way back to ancient medicines.  The third will talk about damage reversal strategies, which vary in their developmental stage from cosmetic surgeries employed for decades to still theoretical direct targeting of the genome.

I will not go into detail much about individual compounds but rather simply list them.  Instead, the focus will be on the bridge between pathology and treatment options, along with current thoughts on some of the more well studied/renowned compounds and treatments.  In addition,  I will talk about the advantages to using a personalized treatment approach via using genotyping data.


3 main levels of treating aging: health improvements (removing weak links), age linked metabolism-altering drugs/treatments, and damage reversal strategies.

Health Improvements (removing weak links in your health)

  1. Accelerated aging and unhealthy lifestyles: studies
  2. The most imminent damage must be treated first
  3. What is baseline and why does it matter?
  4. Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies- note on veganism.
  5. Exercise
  6. Diet strategies
  7. Cognitive improvement methods
  8. Sleep and circadian rhythm
  9. Stress reduction
  10. Avoid toxins/injury
  11. Other strategies
  12. The advantage of genotyping and my experience with MTHFR.

Aging Related Metabolism-Altering Drugs/Treatments

  1. Diseases of aging and preventative drug treatment
  2. Pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals and lifestyle factors often target similar pathways to different degrees.
  3. The first line for aging treatments: do no harm
  4. Preventative drugs are being developed.
  5. The failure of antioxidants
  6. Metformin and rapamycin trials
  7. Insulin resistance treatments.
  8. Inflammation reduction
  9. Cancer prevention
  10. Sarcopenia and bone loss reduction
  11. Cardiovascular risk and the polypill
  12. Dementia, nootropics and deprenyl
  13. Hormone restoration: sex hormones
  14. Hormone restoration: HGH and other non sex hormones.
  15. Microbiome
  16. Liver, kidney protection, skin health, hair restoration and other things.
  17. Genotyping and my experience: drd2 mutation and parkinsonism, stat4 mutation and TH1 immunity.

Damage reversal

  1. Damage reversal represents the last individual concern and yet the most essential for radical longevity.
  2. Damage reversal methods are at varying degrees of scientific/medical development
  3. Plastic surgeries and physical alteration
  4. Senescent cell elimination
  5. Stem cell replacements
  6. Tissue/organ replacement
  7. Protein damage 1: glycation, crosslinking, etc (diabetes)
  8. Protein damage 2: lipofuscin and amyloids (SSA)
  9. Mitochondria repair/protection
  10. Telomerase extension
  11. Epigenetic re-engineering
  12. DNA damage/ stopping retrotransposon action
  13. Non biological implants
  14. The outlook for the future and what we need to focus on

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