Light through the Prism

The light of God, the first light, the original color, flows through the prism of consciousness and is refracted into the colors of 10,000 things.

It is that this prism is kept clear that each color is sacred, free, eternal. The view is as the lord of life in technicolor, splashed on each leaf, crumbling only by the wind.  It is that this prism is translucent that each faded color may remind us only of the light we lack, and through our ignorance we dream it clear.

It is through love that the eyes of another mirror these 10,000 things, again as one beam if no frequency is lost in translation. As once left through the back, now comes in through the front, visible in full.

And that this prism is opaque that there is not but flesh in the reflection.  It is the most taunting void to fill, the most haunting of mirages.  But in the end, the source shall shine on always.


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