10000 things

On a cool, sprinkling evening amidst the spring

I have my cards, my goals, my head, my core.

But entropy ensues and ennui subdues without 10,000 things.

Dont forget the snake, the rooster, the boar.

Paintings woven of years of dark, heavy hued traditions.

Remind me of my anger, my excess, my disconnect.

For if the world is left unpainted, save just the orange renditions

We’re left with little to compare and so much to perfect.

Zigmonteens is in each of the monsters faces, consuming the souls at the end of the wheel.

But suddenly the orange hues of my life have a background, sandstone beside the sea.

And the green and the red and the purple become real

As I’m left staring at the monsters, and the monsters I know are not me.

10,000 things, each with its own colors offered to me on this sprinkling gray step of my life.

I am loathe to seek the darkness, but the light is born amongst the strife.


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