These are the Knots in the Circle of Life

A bird who fears sharks
will soon think himself a fish,
will drown as he chases anchovies,
will starve as worms escape his mind.

A tapir who fears leopards
when the jaguar alone lives in the Amazon
will soon find his mind and soul in Africa
and his eyes blind to the night.

A polar bear who yearns for leopard seals
should find himself swimming the oceans north to south
as 180 degrees of the world is in the end
shorter than a month’s journey of a distracted mind.

Eve grabs an apple from the tree,
as in the perfection of that garden, her mind
could only snake it’s way to appreciation
by journeying to the desert where one can feel god abandonment again.

Our fears and our love both come to define us,
our fear much quicker so.
For once the beauty has escaped our eye,
where else our mind may go?


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