Day by Day

Day by day, night by night,

twilight upon the leaves,

I sing a song lest I may sink

with the sun beneath the sea.

I am little lest I know the truth

My rainbow in a pot of gold, as it may be


I move once more in a careful dashing gait

As I find myself, lost in

pursuance of manifest light.

Sound of the siren upon the mountains and

valleys of the time, I peer

One eye around the door

Of my overwritten fear

To a lovely stem of lillies

Blowing waves through my mind,

10,000 at a time,


By morning they disappear

Always they disappear.

I suppose it’s a story

The science just isn’t clear.


What is a poet without words?

A smiling old man on a park bench

His peaceful world

Spins beneath the sun.

What is a poet bereft the grokking of a flower?

Another die rolling uselessly by

Once more to lose or

Once more to win.


Morning by morning, day by day

Turbulent times, fleeting and blind

rip open my chest once more

And plant a seed betwixt the amber

That a new moment be born again.

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