Whisper in the Wind

Treasures that come

From a whisper in the wind

Tear my world apart

Till they hit the horizon

Let them cut you as they pass

And you’ll be born again

No you can




I saw a shadow

In the meadow

so I said, “Oh,

What are you doing there,

Lets get some sweat

On our bodies

And some tangles in our hair

And if the sun runs short

Then I don’t fucking care

I grew up in

The dead of

The night


Thoughts that come and

Poke you like a pin

Breaking the monotany

Of the minds echoing din

Melt apart my mind

Prepare for recrystallization

But I can




Ya it’s confusing,

Don’t think of losing

Just close your eyes and dance

What less to do with legs

And a unique circumstance

just take a chance

play the set

In the end

Its all you get

Don’t want to dissolve in regret

Don’t want to

Grow up

Just yet


Pleasures that come

And wipe away your grin

Rub you on the back

And punch you in the chin

I want to know your virtue

But i’d rather feel your sin

Cuz you can




No you need




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