One More Time Around the Block

One more time around the block

I have no more regrets

Truth is, common logic can’t explain

an exceptional instance of being.

To adapt to the expectations is

one more cycle in the cold abyss

of unfounded being,

teetering with the winds.

In the dawning days of curious thought

Such wonders hath the souls song wrought

From the bosoms soft unyielding skin

I felt in my heart that we were kin

Until I forged an idol of what I sought

To adapt to yourself, though,

to frame this picture with nothing

but the truth you find in your own

beating heart and glowing face,

nothing is left to shake you.

Evolution never dictated

the stolid exceptions to common order

waltzing gayly upon the rings

of our swiftly tilting philosophy

I thought I must separate to be freed

A fallacy slashed by my own need

To fill myself to be full,

to make myself a vessel

by which the universe may swim softly through my veins as I bleed


Now in my own space age

new thoughts are turned upward as I slide down

Into my own dimension,

naked as they come.

In icy times I find warmth

in the way that I was born.

Forever I am bent

by soft eyed pleasures

waltzing around me, and from my

morning prayers to my midnight dares,

likewise do I bend them into

the warmth of myself.


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