Climbing the Mountain

I heard the tower chime again

Time to head up my mountain

Cutting my ropes and

Tempting sin

It’s the cold I couldn’t ignore

I thought that I’d see unicorns

But is that where hope is born?

I could march on

With my muscles torn

But this I’d never felt before


The dreams are




My sense of sense



No debating

No escape

I’ve used the scissors

Now where’s the tape?

Just wanna be whole

Any way I role

Where’s the soul?

Where’s the truth?


I saw the icy cliff once more

But I no longer believed the lore

The summit wasn’t

Where it was before

Just fog blocking the sky

So I sat amidst the snowy mounds

Thoughts all turning back to town

To hell with this

Mossy crown

The mountain seemed a lie

I got the power

Air’s just sour

I can’t hold my breath

Till the final hour

Odd sensations

Not so bad

Strange elation

My falling pad


Start to add

Start to sleep

Gone to deep


Among the sheep

The wind I heard it’s whisper

As I told it I was dead

And this is what it told me

While I tried to clear my head

“Safety is an illusion for those stuck on ice,

Sliding by as time gets high on their sacrifice.

Faith is a vibrant poster, hung across the sky,

Colored in shades perceptible only to those who dare ask why

One is born from fear that grows content in it’s chosen lies

The other sings the only song that can save you from this demise

To a fool there is no difference, though you my friend can see,

So do not turn around now or you’ll be lost for eternity.”

Stepping on

Thin ice

My Device

Works because

The world ain’t nice

But it’s real

And if you’ll dare

You’ll find it

Even could be fair

Do I care?

Do I have a choice?

Gotta use my legs

Gotta use my voice

I looked up where the fog had lay

It still glowed white, not to my dismay

For now I looked

In a different way

And the mountain sang to me

My feet rose up and I flew to the song

When I realized the air was still all along

Faith was a feeling

Left when beauty seemed gone

This feeling had set me free

Written about the illusion of safety and the real danger of losing sight of the world


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