Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

Do you believe?

Pull me in, a little more,
Deeper into your crazy game.
I might get lost, I will get sore,
Life was never made to be tame.
Originality ain’t out of style
Let’s do away with samularity.
It don’t cost a dime,
All we need is time,
Just jump into the rabbit hole with me.

This is crazy.
Your eyes are hazy
Clouded by a chemical fog.
You want a meaning?
You need a cleaning
Your brain has got a rusty cog.
Love’s really just a resource
A thing to be hoarded or tossed
All of it, just a resource
You keep for fear of loss

A system in colors, a painting born free
I’m trying to describe to myself
Just exactly what I see,
The reverse of entropy.
I want to hear your laughter
I want to feel your pain,
I want you to teach me
Then drive me completely insane.
Oh it’s never in vain,
And it’s real as can be
Now just let go of what you think you know
Jump into the rabbit hole with me.

Good job boy, following your instincts
You’re all that you can be,
Another fool who thinks he feels,
Another pawn of an unconscious Cree.
Evolution builds the order
Proteins build the frame
The direction is well established
Cast away your misbegotten aim
You’re just a…..

I don’t care how it was made
I don’t care how it will end
You think i’m so stubborn,
I just feel too much to bend.
Tell me all about your systems,
Your senseless practicality,
This is so much more beautiful
This vibrant, twisted reality.

Let’s walk this road a mile
Hope the ends nowhere near,
My faith is in your smile,
I’ve forgotten all I fear.
What is this string that pulls me along?
What is this eternally beautiful song?
When you can look into the eye of another
To for a just a moment find
This same indescribable type of divine,
That’s what will set you free.
The great destiny of the human mind,
Transcending chemicals and time,
Now jump into the rabbit hole with me.

     Written in 2010 about love and how it is easy to doubt given it’s ephemeral nature and how that can lead to conflict, yet that nonetheless it undeniably exists.


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