You might just say
“So it goes”

Goes where?

It was always there

Of all the things that can be hoarded
The most precious is completely free,
Doled out in a constant stream
Flowing down hill to entropy.

Or so we think

Oh, give me your flow,
I can’t bear to watch time go,
Our dwindling wealth burning up in flames
The flux stays true,
What do we do?
Are they futile, our goals, our aims?

The flow is an illusion
The plane maintains it’s face
Crystallized in the tesseract
Lies the human race
All the steps you’ve taken
All the love you’ve had
All the day’s you’ve awaken
to a world made good or bad

One day you’re here
One day you’re not
One day you grow
One day you rot
What have I really got?
I want the chance to love
But it’s always a struggle to hold on
I want the strength to stand
But soon the floor will be gone

The surest thing there is.
When you free yourself from its illusion
The truth has much to give,
It’s the only way to live.

A million ways forward
Only one way back
But back always exists
You think it’s just love and loss
But all the lovely roads you’ve crossed
Continue to persist.
Now where’s the urgency?
The reason is so clear.
Every seconds another stroke
Don’t paint a picture of fear.


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