Universal Constants

Changing Fast
What will be left at last?
Consuming me
Learn to love
And then let be
And I could be

And what now
Algorithms build them up
Why should I care?
Cuz i’m stuck out there
Nature loves to disrupt

Not just know how
I’ve finally learned power now
Now the practice
Now the game
And the misbegotten aims
But at least it’s not the same
It’s a black hole and a sun

Slow decay
Yet beauty’s left intact
Only seems to flow
No need to look back

Blood of reality
Made of flowing change
A currency
We need to be
And steal without time for shame

All I see
Is a step blocking a door
My most well thought strategy
Is just a plan to remain me
Deep down at it’s core

Born in a time long before
Even gravity’s just a vector
Compared to what directs our mind,
Something just as hard to ignore

Lethal given time
I can cut the odds down but I’ll never be divine
And really, that’s just fine
For I have the knowledge to direct me
And a force to guide my way
And though there may not always be a tomorrow
All I need is a today


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