The Walking Dead (my first real poem)

The ghosts of a failed past can never gain their fill
Lost their life in ages past yet they are alive still
They look like us, speak the same tone
Yet their words are never truly their own
Just sounds lacking a will

Do you know the darkness?
The darkness without dreams?
A place where nothing is real
but all is as it seems?
Where the truth born within
has become the cardinal sin,
or even worse,
dust in the wind?
The walking dead live there.

They lie awake in their grave all day
It goes miles and miles in every which way
Their eyes are open wide
Yet theirs little left on the inside
Just waiting as they decay.

The plague’s all around you
It is so very real.
Keep your wits about you
you could continue to feel.
It hides subtly in store bought highs
In apathy and unanswered why’s
for your own sake
don’t swallow the lies,
The walking dead did that

Sometimes they even smile, a curling of the lips,
But remnants of the forgotten past cannot cause a slip.
They would not stand when they were free
Now they float to infinity
At least they’ll never trip

Their is still so much hope my friends!
You all have yet to fall!
The beautiful song, it never ends!
It echoes down every hall!
Listen always and you cannot be touched
Look always and you will need no crutch
the truth is beautiful,
And that alone’s so very much
The walking dead forgot.



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