Free from classes, free from books
Free from people’s judging looks
Free from drinking, free from food
Free from temporary moods
Free from all obligations and chores
Free from items, free from stores
Free from needs, free from wants
Free from letters,words and fonts
Free from guilt, free from shame
Free from unnecessary aims
Free from future, free from past
Free from first and free from last
Free from order built by fools
Free from words which power tools
Free from peoples lies and games
Free from things made all the same
Free from hand-me-down beliefs
Free from nations and free from fiefs
Free from groups and labels too
Free from the wars which always ensue
Free from body, free from lies
Free from all ill conceived highs
Free from preconceptions made
All expectations, all traditions obeyed
That for a moment I may be completely free,
Free from all but beautiful reality,
What might I feel? What might I see?


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